I’ve been hearing a lot about how AI will help Recruiters to be more efficient and ultimately take away the need for recruiters.

This will not ever be true as long as we are hiring human beings. The other side of this that must be discussed is how people can “cheat” when being screened with video screening tools, online assessments and video interviews. You can easily find ways to use AP (ChatGPI) to refine your interview answers, or create a better resume. My thinking is this will drive us back to a time when we brought people in person for interviews.

The downstream impact of this, of course, is that our whole view of virtual and hybrid work will be impacted. The cost of hire will increase exponentially if we are bringing people into our offices again to meet with us, OR we are creating a smaller pool of talent to source from.

We don’t have the answer today, yet this is an important conversation to be having. We need to begin to rethink our in house Talent Acquisition function. It will be critical to ensure we have market information when determining the Talent Selection process, is there talent locally? How will our recruiters mitigate the potential for “cheating”. Search agencies will need to adjust as well, we will want to define what a “final” slate looks like, perhaps we’re even moving back to references?

No one knows for sure at this point, we, at MXA, would like to encourage you to reach out to us, let’s start the conversation.