Talent Attraction Consulting

We bring a deep background of recruitment knowledge to improve your process.

Our team brings over 15 years of experience leading and transforming internal corporate recruiting functions through multiple re-structures and re-organizations. We work with your data to develop the appropriate support and structure to optimize your recruiting team’s ability to deliver The Right People in The Right Job at The Right Time™. Measuring your organization’s Recruitment Maturity against our Recruitment Maturity Index™ will provide you with the insight every talent leader needs to make strategic decisions.

Organizational & Process Design

Our team will build an organizational design based on your actual hiring patterns and growth projections. By doing a deep dive into your data analytics of workloads, technology ROI, processes and workflows, we will give you a view into where you can find efficiencies without sacrificing candidate, recruiter, and hiring leader experience. Our goal is to develop SOPs, KPIs and requisition management standards based on the final organizational structure, processes and work routines.

Technology Optimization

Our team is highly experienced with configuring and optimizing various recruiting technologies across several organizations, big and small. We work with your implementation partners to configure how the systems will align to your hiring processes and ensure the most effective workflows are in place. If you are staying with your current technology, we will help with optimization, including process mapping sessions, to ensure the system is working for YOU.

Talent Acquisition Leadership & Training

MXA can provide TA leadership training on talent selection and hiring processes customized to your organization. The depth and breadth of the training will be dependant on your specific organization needs. Recruiter and HR training results from a consulting engagement that is always included. We can also provide 1-3 day training sessions for everything from recruiter fundamentals to better talent selection methodologies.